Started From The Bottom

In this last post you will learn how to create group “calls” with multiple friends if you “call” a friend on Skype and you want to add someone else to join your chat while your in your call go to to another friends profile and click add to group call. You can have up to 5 ish people in a group call but to share video feed (if you have a camera) you need to buy premium with premium you can call phones from Skype (your number is entered in profile) in Skype without premium you get one free phone call use it wisely that’s all for the final post or is it plz follow to find out if this is the true ending!!!……..


Mic Settings (Just In Case!)

When you go into your settings (top left corner) you will find mic settings, audio settings and other settings that are optional to change if your mic is not working properly  (check in your mic in mic settings) if they it is working move on to the next step in this post. If your mic is not working than go into your mic settings and change your mic the first option to the one that’s not selected. Selected automatically adjust mike and turn it off (for games with voice chat). Then change your audio to whatever you like.

Adding Friends

Now to start using Skype to add friends click the person with the plus then search a friends email username email or public name (I suggest username) then you click on there profile them click add friend then it will send them a friend invite if they accept the request it will tell you if there online or offline (and more) and if you want to “call” them you click on there profile and click video call you can turn video off or on and mute your mic that’s all for now

Downloading Skype

When you are done the first step you will be given a option to download.                           When a small page will pop up at the botom of your screen (windows) click run then click open the settings you like (click shortcut on browser). Then agree to the terms of agreement. Then bam you got Skype!!! That’s it for now bye!!


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Making A Account

First step to use Skype: Is to go on the Skype website and create a account

You enter your info like user name password and email don’t forget verification !

Then you ….

will find out next post